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Figuring out the direction of my blog

March 25, 2023

I don't know if it's the fact that I have a blog on three different platforms now (yes, three! WordPress, Linefeed, and Neocities 😅) but I feel confused about what direction I want to take this blog in. At first I wanted it to be focused on reading and books but later I thought I would add in coding as a topic because I started learning HTML and CSS. Now I'm thinking books and coding is too restrictive and I want to branch out more and just post whatever I want. 🤣

I've been taking a web developer course on Udemy, and for around a week or so I was watching videos on HTML every day. I think I was going at too fast of a pace though because I suddenly felt like I was burning out so I took a break which has turned into a several week break lol. I think maybe learning a few times a week would be a more sustainable pace. There's also something about being on a computer and learning about how a computer thinks that makes me feel a little drained afterwards, so I'm not sure what that means for the future of me learning how to code. I was also spending way too much time on social media, which for me mostly means Mastodon so I deleted the Mastodon apps off of my phone, those apps being Megalodon and the official Mastodon app for Android. 

For the past week or so since my last blog post I've been overthinking what to post next. Big surprise I know since I tend to overthink. Because I decided I wanted this blog to be focused on books and coding I thought "Well since I haven't been taking any of my course or reading as much there's nothing for me to write about. What do I write about?" I guess the not reading part is technically not true though, I have been reading here and there and I just ordered three nonfiction books from Thrift Books a few days ago which I'm very excited to receive. 😁 

I guess I'm not sure if I should limit myself to a "niche" like books and coding or just randomly post whatever I happen to be thinking about that day. I feel like the latter is more appealing. Of course I would also be posting about books because I love books but I feel like limiting myself to only two topics is a little bit restrictive. I feel like I was probably mostly restricting myself in my own mind since it was my own choice to go with books and coding lol. I need to stop saying restrictive jeez haha. I might just go with posting and figuring out things as I go. Maybe a lot of bloggers do that and it just seems like they know what they're doing. I feel like I started out with a plan but I don't like what my original plan was. I could also be thinking too far ahead instead of just focusing on the next post and then the next. One post at a time. Anyway good time to just post this and go eat breakfast. Lol I got inspired and had to write something. Hope anyone reading this enjoyed my random ramblings.