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I'm back again 😆

October 22, 2023

I tried out WordPress once again and reached the same conclusion: I don't like all of the analytics and it's making me feel pressured to write something that will get likes and follows. I feel like the writing for likes is this subtle thing but it's an underlying factor(?) I consider while I'm writing and I don't like it. I was excited about connecting my WordPress blog to the fediverse, but then that became a second source of pressure because I could keep track of followers and look to see if anyone was boosting my posts. So initially I thought it was exciting but now for me because of the analytics and focus on numbers it's put a lot of pressure on something creative I originally did for fun.   

I kind of just want to go back to writing in a physical journal like I used to do when I was growing up. I think the takeaway from this is that I feel like writing for my WordPress blog is starting to suck all the joy out of writing. Not WordPress itself but all of the numbers that are attached to the blog. How many people will subscribe to my blog by email? How many views will this get? Will anyone see it on the fediverse? On here I have no idea how many people look at each post, and there's no likes or comments. 

So I guess my new plan is writing in a physical notebook and on this blog. I just need a break from thinking about numbers and remember why I like writing: because it's fun.