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Welcome one welcome all to my bookish blog!

December 24, 2022

So I've finally done it! I have a place where I can write about books I read (probably only some of them since I usually read way too many books at the same time and I don't finish all of them...oops). 

This blog may veer off course at times, because I usually have a hard time focusing on one topic. And by may veer off course I mean it most definitely will veer off course. I've always thought that I should find a "niche" but I've realized that I just can't really focus too long on one topic. I start thinking of all the other possibilities...

So this blog may also include things I'm currently interested in like Python coding, cooking, things I learn from the internet, maybe interesting videos I watch on YouTube? Those types of posts. If you think that sounds interesting, make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed...? I think that's how people subscribe to blogs. I feel like a YouTuber now telling their audience to hit subscribe and the notification bell hahaha. 

This post is kind of rambling, and I'm not really editing it. Which means I've only edited it slightly. I guess that means it's could be categorized as stream of consciousness writing. My future posts might involve drafting and editing, unless people think this type of post is interesting. Maybe I'm thinking too much about what everyone is going to think? I probably am. 

I'm super excited to be a part of this new wave of people blogging again, I've been wanting to start a blog to write about books I read but hadn't gotten around to it yet. I'm happy to be a part of the blogging community! I also really don't like social media anymore so this is perfect. Maybe I can write some posts about how much I don't like social media too, kind of like how people post why I left social media videos on YouTube. I've heard something about a thing people call Booktok but since I try to avoid TikTok I don't know exactly what this Booktok entails. I think I would rather be a part of the book blogging community rather than a part of the Booktok community, even though I don't know anything about Booktok. Probably just because I don't really like using TikTok. So before this turns into a post about TikTok/Booktok I guess I will leave it here...oh and by the way my name is Noelle. Which is why the blog is called Bookish Noelle and not something like Bookish Tabitha or something (Tabitha was the only name I could think of). 

I feel like this is a good length for my first blog post, so hopefully you learned something about what I'm going to be posting. That was my intention but I'm not sure how well I did haha.