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Why I'm Going To Be Posting On Here Instead of WordPress

March 14, 2023

So I've decided as of last night that I'm going to write on this blog instead of Wordpress. There are a few reasons for doing that, so I thought that I would go over them today in this post. So without further ado let's get into it.

The first reason I'm choosing this over WordPress to post updates is that there's no analytics on here. No views, no comments, no likes or dislikes. I enjoyed the analytics on Wordpress until I realized last night that the views and comments and likes were starting to influence what I was going to post next.  After my first post I was spending a lot of time refreshing the analytics in the Jetpack app, which means I definitely wasn't focusing on writing my next post. And because of this constant refreshing I was starting to notice what people liked, which meant I started feeling anxious about what to post next. "What if it doesn't get many views? What if I don't get as many likes? What if nobody comments?" And because of all this thinking thinking thinking I wasn't WRITING ANYTHING. Which was the point of me making a blog on WordPress in the first place. I was preoccupied wondering if what I wrote would be received well. And then I realized those things have nothing to do with writing itself. They're numbers. How many views, how many likes, how many comments. That's not what writing is about. Writing is about expressing your thoughts, not about how much attention something is going to end up getting. So I'm going to post on here because it allows me to focus on expressing myself through the writing, and not focus on the numbers. 

The second reason is that I don't really like the WordPress editor. I know a lot of people like the blocks but I don't care for them. There's too many options for what block you can use and I think it distracts from the writing process and makes it way more complicated than necessary. The blocks also flash around a lot as I'm typing which is really distracting. I know there's the distraction free mode but that also feels like overkill. I feel like the amount of choices of blocks and which mode you can write in on WordPress is getting in the way of me getting any writing accomplished. What block do I choose here, should I be using more blocks, etc.

The third reason is that a couple of days ago I decided to view my blog through the Jetpack app and underneath one of my blog posts was a LOT of ads. Not just some but quite a few. It annoyed me that my beloved writing was being marred by all of the ads on the page. That's one of the reasons I joined Neocities, for the lack of ads. And also that there's no themes on Neocities, you have to code everything yourself. There's zero ads on here, which means the blog post page has only the text of the post with no annoying ads underneath it. I could pay to remove the ads on WordPress, but since I'm not enjoying using WordPress I'm not excited about paying them and giving them my money.

So I feel like those are the main reasons for me choosing to write on here instead of WordPress. I'm planning on posting updates on my coding journey, and posting about what books I'm currently reading. So if that sounds appealing to read, feel free to subscribe via RSS feed. Okay going to post on here soon again! I actually enjoyed writing this post haha.