Noelle's Blog

Burning out from social media and the fediverse

April 26, 2023

So I started writing this as a post on Calckey, but since I didn't know if anyone wanted to see this type of post show up in their feed I thought I would post it on my Linefeed blog instead and then share a link to it on Calckey.  

So, yeah. Basically what's happening is I'm starting to burn out on all social media, which includes the fediverse. I've noticed the vast majority of my feed on Mastodon and now Calckey has turned into posts where people are angry about this or that issue, and honestly it's both draining and sometimes triggering to come across the posts in my feed depending on what the topic is that they're posting about. 

I'm not always emotionally prepared to read about some horrifying thing going on in the world, and a lot of the time people don't use the content warning feature that's available.

Sure I could add lots of filters and mute every word I come across, but at this point I'm just worn out and it feels like it would take a lot of time and energy to pause, go into the settings, and create a new filter or word that I had just come across. I would rather at this point just not use Calckey or Mastodon that often. 

When I first joined Mastodon five months ago, I didn't see such a high number of these angry posts that have now become a daily occurrence. I don't know what's changed, but it could partly be from all the new people joining. 

Anyhow, the reason I left Twitter was because of all the anger and people yelling at each other all the time and I feel like Mastodon and Calckey is starting to turn into that, a stream of angry posts. I've also seen some arguing, not at the level of Twitter but here and there. 

I think maybe my personality is not compatible with social media and probably more suited for blogging. I like that on here it's just my blog, so I can write and express myself without a feed where I'll come across something I didn't want to see or people typing in all caps about something they feel upset about. It's a lot. 

Maybe a lot of people enjoy using social media to catch up on news, but I've found I enjoy just going directly to a news website and scrolling through the latest posts. There's about five different news sites I can think of that I use to catch up on news, and I feel like this method of looking at the news works pretty well. 

So yeah, not sure what else there is to say except I'll be using this blog to post and not sure how often I will be using Calckey going forward. I'm just really worn out from all the anger and outrage, it's exhausting. It's sad because I enjoy interacting with some of the people on Calckey and Mastodon, but I feel like the shouting, outrage, and anger kind of drowns it out. 

Right so I guess I'm back, it's been over a month since I posted on this blog. I should really start updating it more often. New posts will be coming soon.